Datasets / Real-Time Transit / 2013

On this page you can see the state of open data for Real-Time Transit in all the places for which we have information.

Dataset Description

Real-time information about major municipal-run or commissioned transit services (buses, subway, rail, tram etc). Real-time transit information means things like the location of actual services (individual buses and trains, etc)

Place Score Breakdown Year Location (URL) Information
Berlin - Closed
Chemnitz - Closed
Dresden - Closed
Frankfurt am Main - Closed
Freiburg - Closed
Gießen - Closed
Hamburg - Closed
Heilbronn - Closed
Jena - Closed
Karlsruhe - Closed
Köln - Closed
Leipzig - Closed
Lüneburg - Closed
Magdeburg - Closed
Moers - Closed
München - Closed
Münster - Closed
Nürnberg - Closed
Paderborn - Closed
Stuttgart - Closed
Ulm - Closed
Wuppertal - Closed
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data