Datasets / Air Quality / 2013

On this page you can see the state of open data for Air Quality in all the places for which we have information.

Dataset Description

Data on air quality (e.g. levels of major pollutants) on a granular basis - that is at least broken down by month (preferably by day). Geographic breakdown (e.g. by grid point) would be nice but is not required.

Place Score Breakdown Year Location (URL) Information
Berlin - Closed
Chemnitz - Closed
Dresden - Closed
Frankfurt am Main - Closed
Freiburg - Closed
Gießen - Closed
Hamburg - Closed
Heilbronn - Closed
Jena - Closed
Karlsruhe - Closed
Köln - Closed
Leipzig - Closed
Lüneburg - Closed
Magdeburg - Closed
Moers - Closed
München - Closed
Münster - Closed
Nürnberg - Closed
Paderborn - Closed
Stuttgart - Closed
Ulm - Closed
Wuppertal - Closed
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data